Value and Service Define Keyrenter Tacoma

We are property management experts skilled in innovative processes and focused on quality service you’ll love.

Our Values

You want to work with a company whose corporate values are an extension of their personal values. This principle is what has led Keyrenter Tacoma to become an industry leader in our area.

Our success stems from treating you the way we’d like to be treated. We focus on values, ethics, customer service, client satisfaction, innovation, quality, and personal service that gets results.

We make sure our values match yours.

When you work with us, you get access to a team whose foundation is built on integrity, honesty, and accountability. We genuinely care for our clients and the community they represent, and that is reflected in our care and service.

Mission Statement

Our team is dedicated to delivering proactive property management solutions you need in real-time.

When you work with us, you get access to actual property management industry experts versed in innovative processes and focused on quality service you’ll love.

How we work to make your property profitable

To accomplish that and stay ahead of the curve we invest in ongoing education, the best technology, and staying abreast of industry changes before they happen.

We approach every project like it was one of our own. No matter what rental management solutions you need, whether it is for single-family homes, condos, townhomes, apartments, or commercial properties, we will always deliver. This is the reason why our vacancy rate is less than 5%.

We are members of NARPM and we stay up to date with all changes in the industry and strive to continually provide service that matches your needs.

Meet the Team

Peter Hansen

Owner, Keyrenter Tacoma

Peter Hansen is an organized Property Manager with extensive experience in construction and housing. Skilled in solving tenant complaints, and office management. Proficient in balancing resident concerns and business requirements to meet financial goals. Strong leadership abilities with excellent interpersonal communication skills. Peter has been in the housing and construction industry for almost 10 years.

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Peter started his career early on as an Air Traffic Controller in the US Navy and also served with a 911 Dispatch center working with both law enforcement and medical services. After those jobs Peter took a path with his dispatching into the construction industry and worked as a project manager for several home remodeling companies including Sears Home Improvement of Seattle, Galaxie Home out of Chicago, and Window Roof Depot out of Tacoma.

After years of learning the industry of repairs and remodeling in the residential industry Peter decided to start his first company. He opened up Western Interiors and has successfully been running maintenance and remodeling projects successfully for the last 4 years. Property Management has been a 2 year introduction as he has worked closely with Keyrenter Tacoma running most of the maintenance and repairs Keyrenter had come through with tenants on work orders. Peter is very eager to take on this new roll and work closely with both the owners of the houses we manage, the tenants that rent from us, and the vendors that help with property maintenance. Together with great communication and reaction to issues Peter stands on his promise to always be by your side and work closely on the relationship we will all build together

Zack Goldfinch

Owner, Keyrenter Tacoma

With vast knowledge in Real Estate, Land Development, Construction, and Landscape Design, Zack Goldfinch promise to his clients, to always give the best sound advice that he can in any situation, and always strive to help Clients achieve their goals

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Zack received his degree in Landscape Architecture from Washington State University Pullman in 2002. He began working for Walker-Macy, a large nationally acclaimed Landscape Architecture firm in Portland, OR., as a Landscape Architect in-training for the first couple of years of his professional career. In 2004 he took a new position with Olson Engineering in Vancouver, WA. as a Land-Use Planner, designing and developing Commercial and Residential land

This is where he fell in love with Residential development and Real Estate, and would continue with his passion for Real Estate and Development for the next 15 plus years; “I’ve spent two decades excelling in the competitive landscape of Tacoma real estate, establishing a reputation as a well-respected and innovative agent”.

Zack has always wanted to start/own his own business, so when this opportunity to own Keyrenter Tacoma was brought to his attention by his partner, Peter Hansen, it was without question that this was an opportunity to continue his vast knowledge of Real Estate, and he was and is extremely excited for this new role in property management and build good working relationships with vendors and clients.

Keith & Gayle Snider

Consultants, Keyrenter Tacoma

Keith and Gayle are lifetime Washington State residents and have lived in the South Puget Sound area for the past 25 years. Gayle is a proud veteran of the US Army and was fortunate to have spent her entire time in the military stationed at Fort Lewis.

They have a combined 21+ years as entrepreneurs and small business owners with extensive experience in commercial property and asset management across North America. Individually, they have backgrounds in customer service, lease negotiations, project management, and sales.

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By keeping a keen focus on balancing the best interests of the property owners and tenants, while mitigating costs, this strong experience will be brought to their clients. They understand that real estate is a major investment and they are dedicated to the success of your investment.

Through their personal experiences, they have found a passion for helping others and together are focused on being your customer centric, full service property management team in Tacoma and the surrounding areas.

Daniel Franco

Responsible for maintenance coordination and inspections. I enjoy playing and watching football, hanging out with family and friends in my free time. I’m currently studying accounting and finance and I really enjoy it.

Luis Tello

Responsible for the property onboarding, client coordination, and overall assistance. He has backgrounds in customer service, sales, and translation. He played football for over 12 years and he loves watching and talking about football. He is passionate about the financial markets and macroeconomics. In addition, he loves to travel and learn new languages.

Alex Tello

Responsible for maintenance coordination. I am a committed team worker with backgrounds in Real Estate, sales and customer service. I grew up playing and watching football, I love all kinds of sports and I’m passionate about art and music. In my spare time, I usually paint and also create/produce music ideas.

Always having fun!

As part of the Keyrenter Franchise, we leverage the power of a nation-wide network of property managers and the support from our corporate team for things like tenant screening, website development, training on best practices, surpassing industry benchmarks, and more.
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